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For Professionals

Duty and Referral Systems

Due to regional variations in how referrals are processed, please contact your Local CAMHS Office to enquire about referral and duty systems.


If you are aware of a young person experiencing personal problems and would like information which may help, go to our ‘Worries’ section where we have a wide range of information and advice about common mental health problems.

Early Intervention and Prevention Service

The Early Intervention and Prevention Service provides specialist CAMHS Practitioners who are available throughout North Wales.  We offer support and advice to any professional, organisation or voluntary service who come into direct contact with children and young people.

Our aim is to support primary care workers and professionals in their work with mental health problems in children and families, and promoting early recognition and management of child mental health problems.  We can also advise whether a referral to Specialist CAMHS for a full mental health assessment is appropriate and help you in this process.

The role of the Early Intervention and Prevention Team is to provide:

If you are concerned about a child or young person and feel their mental health / emotional wellbeing may be suffering because of this, the CAMHS Early Intervention and Prevention Team are available for advice and support.

To enquire who your local Early Intervention and Prevention Practitioner is, please contact your Local CAMHS Office.

Suicide prevention

If you are concerned that a young person has suicidal thoughts, you can speak to a member of the CAMHS Duty Team  in your Local CAMHS Office.

Available Training and Resources:

CAMHS provide a range of training packages and resources for professionals.

We will endeavour to regularly update training available in your area.